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Spectrofluorometry of autofluorescence signals from biological substrates, in situ, real time, via fiber optic probe analysis

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The technology is based on the optical properties of the biomolecules naturally present in the tissues (endogenous fluorofores), able to give rise to autofluorescence (AF) signals when excited by a light at suitable wavelength.

The kind, amount and chemico-physical state of the  endogenous fluorofores can vary depending on the normal, physiologically altered, pathological conditions of cells and tissuesin a close relationship with their structural organization (histology) and/or metabolic processes. As a consequence, the  endogenous fluorofores can act as biomarkers, and the dependence of the overall AF signal from their different contributions makes AF to carry bear informations on the cell/tissue morpho-functional states.

The technology is based on the intrumental set up, to collect the AF signal in living conditions, via fiber optic probe. The signal processing, based on procedures in part developed by us- allws to detect the kind and estimate the amount of the endogenous fluorofores, providing data for the diagnosis of cell/tissue functionality.

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The innavation properteis are not absolute, since intruments based on AF analisys are already on the market, but there are devoted to specific fiedls (i.e. Xillix Technologies, for AF based diagnosis in endoscopy) .

Our innovation is first of all based on the extended know-how on different tissues and biological fluida (i.e.liver, bile, serum).

The competitive advantage derives from the background of knowledge and experience in the photophysical characterization of different endogenous fluorophores up to now poorly or not considered (i.e. bilirubin, fluoresceing fatty acids), to adapt and define the optimal conditions for their detection and analysis.

This, and the ubiquitous nature of endogenous fluorophores make the technology adaptable to various fields, also different from what up to now explored by us

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