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The high-risk human papillomaviruses (HR-HPVs) are the etiologic agents of cervical cancer and are associated to anal and oropharyngeal cancers. The presence of HPV infection in the mouth may increase by 20 times the risk of developing oropharyngeal carcinomas.

The E6 and E7 oncoproteins are responsible for the onset and maintenance of carcinogenesis induced by HR-HPVs. They represent appropriate targets for the development of diagnostic tools.

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The TBP method, developed for the qualitative and quantitative identification of primary, raw material of both animal and plant origin that may be present in food, is unique, different from any other method used by the competition for the same purpose. Protected by patents and pending patents own by the Italian National Research Council, is capable of tracing any element, species or varieties, declared or not, actually present in food mixtures and primary raw material.

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ISAFOM-CNR, Perugia has recently developed an innovative procedure that can easily turn the waste resulting from olive oil mills into an excellent soil conditioner/organic fertilizer.

It is realized through a simplified static composting procedure conducted in gas-permeable bags with passive aeration of the biomass.

The technology is especially suited to the treatment of the humid pomace produced by “two phases” modern olive mills, ideally working in line with it.

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The growing interest of consumers for the typical products provided with a European quality brand, such as PGI or PDO, is pushing companies and/or producers association to identify valid means to protect the origin and uniqueness of their products. The determination of isotope ratios using IRMS (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry) is based on significant differences in the relationship between stable isotopes of bio-elements present in some organic molecules.

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The “Stazione Sperimentale di Granicoltura per la Sicilia” has developed some applications for the evaluation of morpho-colorimetric parameters of food products, by means of image analysis technology. These application software allow to obtain accurate and precise measurements of sample physical traits relating to size, shape, color and the texture, reducing erroneous assessments related to the subjective and personal visual evaluation.

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The technology is based on the development of molecular markers suitable to the identification and quantification of the precious white truffle - Tuber magnatum Pico – in truffle-products in order to certify their quality to the consumer.

The identification of the truffle species is generally based on the features of their spores and peridium, but the identification in processed truffle-products as creams and butter can be ambiguous because of the drastic treatments to which truffles are exposed during the commercial preparation.

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Companies and research groups involved in the production and characterization of new materials, in particular drugs, are interested in the determination of the three-dimensional atomic structure of a molecule to understand the structure-property relationships of the material.

The IC-CNR team has the experimental and methodological know-how to characterize materials available in the form of microcrystalline powders. The proven skills are: